I will Host it give me files kilPaddle45 ....:)
13dragonball1998 wrote:
I will Host it give me files kilPaddle45 ....:)

Host are so easy to find, thats the least of his worries. He needs to finish pixeling the game.
i can't wait anymore i will learn Pixle artist thats it this game is too good to not be ON !!!!!!! <.<
Kidpaddle45: (Sep 11, 2011)
My game is under development but im focusing on PIRATES ONLINE currently(wich should be released next week.

And than Naruto Online...

someone should host this game..
noob the game is not finished...!!!
when will it be done
Ill host it 24/7 if you guys need it that bad XD
belive me the host is the last problem of the game >.>
i know
i love the look of the graphics on screenshot cant wait
Umm i just bought a shell soo if this game needs a 24/7 lagless shell server just contact me at turles1@live.com :D
kdpaddle45 add me on byond and pm me pleaese when u will be on bro
my computer wont play the game. it just says "unzip faild". what shuld i do?
When would this game be on? given estimate? i wanna play it :)
WTF i cant play it said "eror un-zip failed!" WTF!?
My i plz host

The artist who worked on this game left,so until i find someone else who can help,my main work is going to be on Pirates Online.

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