Thank you for those nice comments.
Kidpaddle45 wrote:
Thank you for those nice comments.
Thank you for those true comments.
Like some others I'd like to know how to download the host files, as All I've been getting are Unzip Failed! errors. I've been looking foward to trying out this game, but this error stopped me short. Hopefully, Kidpaddle, you'll be able to help me with that. Trolls, you can gtfo.

Edit: After trying to download it again, it seems to be downloading an executable, and not a zip, but a byond installer
This comment is to explain to everyone the current state of Naruto Online.

Naruto Online is no longer under development.I did not gave up on it but my main priority is now Pirates Online.
Feel free to visit the hub and be part of our friendly community by registering on our forum:

The download button as you may all have noticed was a leads to the BYOND.exe download...i can't understand how you guys haven't understood this yet.
I will be informing everyone when i get back and work on this project until than...

Thank you for your time and support.
I wish you all a happy new year.=D
Daniel93325 wrote:
Hello Everyone,i'm stupid.I keep posting on everyone's blog link to other fail games i made.

I would love to host, hopefully u guys are looking for one
Kid i want to host,im an very active host as well.I cant be 24/7 sadly but im active enough i was beta tester as well (using another key)
I would love to actually try and work on this game and you must realize if this game takes off it would be the most popular anime game on byond.
best game but i hate LARNELL joking XD
When I download the game doesn't open, it says 'Error Unzip Failed'.
The download button is a prank.

Owner should just give material to someone else to complete. It's sad seeing something this good go to waste.
DAMN! Now this shit is something WORTH donating to. Is this still in development? I'd be happy to help
Error unzip failed!
In response to A2J2TIWARI (#172)
A2J2TIWARI wrote:
Error unzip failed!

Don't you read? It's a prank. And Kidpaddle45 can I get your msn? I'd like to make a proposal with you if I may.

well let it work then
I played this awhile ago. Great game, I don't know why you don't host anymore :/
So can someone tell us if the game is still going to be released and if it is .. when?! .. Cuz im waiting for this game since ... cant remember even when i saw it for the first time ... Anyway pls we need some info about the game
the owner is working at another projct right now, in case he doesnt sell this game to another person i dont think the game will be up 1 more year
Game is being worked on by my brother while i work on Pirates Online. I'm helping him once in awhile and a lot has been added to it.

Sadly i have no membership so i can't update the screenshots.
So yeah if any of you out there feel generous,a membership is wanted here. xD
If you're still in need of someone with membership let me know, I'd like to help in anyway I can.
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