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Kilik067's Favorite Games

by Tenji067 | Apr 15 2010
El primer juego de Dragon Ball en !!multilenguajeĦĦ / The first game of Dragon Ball in !!multilanguage!!
by Nourn | Aug 26 2008
Pump up your rocket and blast off!

Kilik067's Favorite Resources

by Tubutas | Jun 16 2007
Tags: ai
This is a new great AI system i made
by Scizzees | Aug 18 2007
Tags: combat
A Simple Arena demo that you can get working within minutes and have your very own Arena!
by Nick231 | Feb 25 2003
Tags: economy
An easy to use and secure money/item storage system.
by National Guardsmen | Aug 1 2006
Tags: browser
Browser Who Demo
by Sokkiejjj | Jul 28 2008
Tags: combat
A librabry with the basics of combat.
by Devon Uchiha | Aug 23 2006
Tags: combat
A Whole Different Type of Combat System, uses random.
by Air Mapster | Aug 8 2001
Tags: debugging
Save debug messages and send them to a central server for later perusal.
by Nick231 | May 25 2004
Send an email to any email address (even to cell phones) to be notified of trouble-makers.
by Flick | Feb 16 2003
Tags: interface
An easy to use menu system for your games.
by Ebonshadow | Jul 18 2002
Tags: icons
This is a base icon that can be used for a fighter in side view games.
by Rifthaven | Jun 30 2003
Tags: economy
Learn how to make a bank that stores both gold and items!
by Darker Emerald | Aug 21 2007
Tags: target
A gun demo for you byonders who want to add weapons to your games. Now has auto-aim feature...
by Killer22 | Sep 19 2008
Tags: hud, interface
Hud alert (yes and no option included)
by Cameron | Nov 15 2008
Tags: interface
A demonstration of how to use the new bar controls.
by Evi of au | Apr 6 2009
Ever wanted multiple items to stack in your inventory? This is for you.
by Kakashi24142 | Nov 5 2007
Tags: interface
Want nice looking input boxes? Well this is the library for you! It allows more flexibility than the built-in input() ...
by Yash 69 | Nov 22 2008
Tags: admin
Stops people from multikeying the right way
by Dan | Apr 4 2001
Tags: combat, source
An experimental combat system.
by GemStar | Sep 16 2006
Tags: icons, source
NPC Demo has 3 lot NPC, good and usable for those new beginners.
by Ephraim | Mar 28 2007
Tags: effects, hud
This little demo shows how to create a HUD bar without making all of those silly icon states!
by Yash 69 | Jul 24 2008
A great demo on how to use private messaging, with block list and more!
A Report System using interfaces.
by ADT_CLONE | Sep 22 2006
Tags: interface
Ever wanted to utilize the boring old status bar at the bottom of your Dream Seeker window. Well now you can! Add ...
by The Unknown Ninja From Hell | Feb 26 2007
Tags: files
A "Send File" Verb For Everyone To Add In Their Game
Cryptic code written for the 4K Challenge. Good for intermediate-level BYONDers.
by Deathstar175 | Aug 10 2004
Tags: economy
A simple bank system you can include or change in your game.
by Rurouni Dragon | Sep 5 2004
Tags: effects
Ever wanted NPC Cars to drive around streets randomly? Here you go.
by Forum_account | Oct 1 2011
Tags: visibility
A library to manage image objects.
by Malver | Aug 7 2002
Tags: combat
War Demo! Complete with movement system, firing system, and weapons!
by Scizzees | Mar 12 2008
Tags: movement
A demo that uses enter and entered procs to form a water walking system.
by Y2kEric | Jul 31 2006
Tags: movement
A library allowing you to make a /atom/movable get pushed back after bumping another /atom
by Ultifighter | Jan 22 2004
Tags: beginner
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