I was wondering, do people like title screens on games. I just found out how to make one (with multiple savefiles), and all the options ("New", "Load", "Delete"). So basically, what style do people like for logging in and choosing characters, do they like the title screen, the input, or HTML format, such as what Deadron allows in his demo of characterhandling. Please tell me your thoughts.

- Killerdragon
You just learned how? Maybe by reading that post I left =). Anyways, yea I prefer title screens. With the buttons. It looks really ugly just to get placed on the map and have all these input boxes appear. Also, I prefer to have a separation in the New/Load/Delete buttons. An input box that gives these options to me just leaves an unprofessional feel.

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Title screens are easy to make =\ my game uses 1
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Indeed they are

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I know they are easy to make, but I never understood how to use multiple save-files, until I found a really good saving utility that gives off different options, so I figured, why not make them into options on the map and make a whole title screen. It worked and now I'm very happy. This doesn't use Deadron saving, not that his saving isn't good, just I really wanted the title screen, as most good games on BYOND use them, and I want my game to be able to at least compete with other games, lol. I am still taking suggestions from other members of the community, just to be sure.

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title screens make the game more attractive and open up more options, where if you have a talented graphics artist it opens up a new way of character creation in being able to make Click() work to almost perfection if you have a innovative idea, so im not saying its what you have to do, im just saying it makes it look that much better
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Why do you want multiple save files? >.>
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Okay, good. I was just making sure, and I am going to try to contact a friend on that really advanced character creation, otherwise I will make a Click-on-Character and Click-on-Race type of system, to where you get to see the icons and it will provide a description of the class or race. What I mean is that it will show you the types of characters on your screen, and when you click on them it alerts you with a description of that race, and when you choose your class it will provide a description of that class as well.
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And also, multiple save files let players get to be able to have more than just one character, and are able to switch between, so say, one day they want to have a necromancer, they can do so without deleting an older character they have.
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Xeronage wrote:
Why do you want multiple save files? >.>

KillerDragon wrote:
And also, multiple save files let players get to be able to have more than just one character, and are able to switch between, so say, one day they want to have a necromancer, they can do so without deleting an older character they have.

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Multiple Save System:

you just make a Save system that saves in your ckey as folder and char name as save file, make a load proc read any save files inside the ckey folder

This really has nothing to do with title screens =\, i cant see why u cant make a title screen with 1
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I CAN make a title screen using multiple save files. I got help from a friend that used the input style, but it had the different categories and was using multiple save files, so I just copied the parts of it that made up the "New", "Load", "Delete" categories and made them into options on my title screen. So I don't know where you mis-understood me, or where I gave you confusion, but now I believe I cleared up those problems. Sorry for the confusion.

- Killerdragon
you can still start creation with click, not alot of people do though, just use .click (whatever)
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Yea, Superantx has a good point there. Unfortunately I was going to have on-screen buttons for chatting, as many people have issues with stat-panels. I guess I could have the chatting verbs in a stat-panel, at least until the player logs in.....
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well, you could set a macro for talking
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True, very very true. But how would they learn what macro to use. I guess I could set it to when they make the first login, they get the message,
usr << "Macros are as follows:"
usr << "S as say"
usr << "W as World Say"
usr << "E as emote"

I could always do that..... Any other suggestions?

- Killerdragon
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Yeah, they're not players, right? I mean, before they log into a character, they're like, a temp mob right? Just give temp mobs a default world say, and that's it. Do they need to emote outside of the game? I mean, you're not providing a chat room, are you? It's your game, they should be playing it, not chatting.

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Alternatively, you could still use 1 savefile, client-side encrypted, so they always have the same characters through every server that hosts your game. It's pretty simple to put directories inside a savefile. That way, each character could have it's own directory in the savefile itself, and you'd only need one actual file, which can be client-side. Just make sure you encrypt it, cheaters abound. Check out the cd and dir variables of savefiles in the reference for specific details.

Ever play console games like Final Fantasy? I think those types of title screens are really effective and nice. I don't like the typical zeta type where you have a big picture with three buttons that lead into inputs.