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Medals Kiyotomon can earn in his favorite games, and all games in which Kiyotomon has already earned some medals

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Space Station 13 Medals

1.21 Jiggawatts

100M dash

Time for beer.




Entrusted with the secret.

A Holly Jolly Spacemas

Spent your Spacemas being beaten to death with toolboxes.

Adjutant Online

Good morning, Captain.


Heinous villainy.

Bear Hug

Better to burn out, than fade away

Blob everywhere!

As a blob, grow your blob tile count to the number required by your objective required size.

Bill Masen

Black and Blue

Charred on the outside, well done on the inside.

Block Stacker

Bombini is Missing!

Brown Pants

Show no fear in the face of battle.

Bury the Dead

Button Pusher


Captain's Log

Chevalier du Sorbet

Deliver the Magma King his Just Desserts


Thanks <3

Cream of the Crop

Lemme tell ya somethin' right now...



Dangerous Game

You're not allowed to complain if your crew mates beat you to death.

Dead or alive, you're coming with me

Dracula Jr.


The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

Fell down the stairs

Only the ghosts know the truth now.

Format Complete

AI, what are your current laws?

For Your Ohm Good

Fun Times


Glass ceiling

Go away! 'Batin!

Frito Pendejo, public defender.

Good feasting

As a werewolf, reach your objective number of victims fed on.

Gore Fest

Juicy. And crunchy.

Goo Gone

It's Good for the Gander

Guardin' gnome

Lost and found.

Guerrier Du Gelato

Complete Chapter II

Jimi Heselden

R.I.P. Segway dude.


Caution, risk of electric shock.



honk HONK mother FU-

He's dead, Jim


I don't give a shit

Literally seriously, I can't.


Flew too close!

I'm in


Just havin' a good time, chillin' out.

High Five!

I helped!

You really did!

I just cleaned that!

Slip 'n slide.

I Spy


Old-school chemist's club.


BANG, bang!

Identity Theft

Good thing these are not laminated.

It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth

It's just a flesh wound!

It's not 'Door to Heaven'

Is it really that time again?

Gordon would approve.

It's not easy being green

Your muscles hurt.

It'sa me, Mario

Law 1: Don't be an asshat

Asimov's laws were always a little behind.

Leave no man behind!

The ultimate sacrifice.

Life, uh... finds a way

Lock Block

Made friends with a welder.

Man with a Scan



The Syndicate would be proud.

Manhattan Project

Many names, many faces

As a changeling, absorb your objective required number of victim absorptions and make it back to Centcom alive.

Master of Unlocking

Performed the steps required to unlock the Good Ending from the solarium riddle.

Meth is a hell of a drug

Monkey Duty

Twenty cents a day, and half a bottle of beer a week.

Mostly Armless

My Bologna Has A First Name


Neither fashionable noir stylish


Watching the world burn.

Newton's Crew

Stare into the sun.

Noah's Shuttle

It's not 2 of each kind but we'll make due.

Oh, Doctor!

Just the spot.

Ol' buddy ol' pal

I really admire how you stack the odds against yourself! Yeah, make things challenging!

Old Enemy

Tensions between Nanotrasen and the Syndicate are reaching a boiling point.

One Armed Bandit

Original Sin

Take a bite

Wrath of the Father


Some places just can't take the pain.

Party Hard

You were the life of the party, before your own life got taken away.



Primum non nocere


Puerile humour

Quit Cloning Around

Diminishing reruns.

Red Hood

Reefer Madness

Remember to Wash Behind the Antennae

Rookie Thief



Shit Fest

Shit for brains

Shut Up and Jam

The year is 2041.

Silent Running

Slow Burn

Smooth Operator

Spaceship of Theseus

Despite all that, you're still in the same boat.

Space Ham





Suitable? How about the Oubliette?!

Suspicious Character

Just who was that man, with the plan?

Tax Haven

Thank You, Bus Driver!

It never hurts to be polite!

That tasted funny

That's no moon, that's a GOURMAND!

The Force is strong with this one


The mail always goes through

The Syndicate Connection

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

This object menaces with spikes of...

Through the fire and flames



This station is ours!

As a head revolutionary, live to see your revolution come to a success!

Too Cool

Too Fast Too Furious

Trail of Blood

You have successfully solved the rather intriguing case of your family inheritance, enjoy your reward.

Try jiggling the handle

Unlike the director, I went to college


Untapped Potential

Who needs magic when you've got skill like this?

Vacuum Sealed

Vehicular Manslaughter

Windshield's a little hard to see through.

We didn't start the fire

Weird Science

What's this box doing here?

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see

Where's the smoking gun?


Owl always love you


Lost the will to go on.

You're no Elminster!

You might look the part but your magic's all smoke and mirrors.

You're a mean one...

You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel.

Resident Evil Alpha

You have been raped!

Get killed by a Rape Boss.


Save a teamate with a T-Cure.


Heal ten people in one round.

You are Dr. Ownage!

Kill 10,000 zombies in one round.

You are a Demon!

Kill 5 players as a zombie.

Fire in the Hole

Kill 10 zombies with one grenade.

Are you Jesus?

Obtain a bolter.

Would you like fries with that?

Get two maxed guns.

How'd you get that?!

Become an Enforcer.


Stay alive on Extreme difficulty for 5 minutes.

Pokemon Renewed From Dust

Quest 1

Finish the First Quest

PVP Battle

Earn this Medal by Battling another Player Online!

Bulbasaur Fan

Join the Tree Slashing Grass Club by choosing Bulbasaur as your Starter!

Charmander Fan

Join the Blazing Fire Club by Choosing Charmander as your Starter!

Squirtle Fan

Join the Squirtle Squad by Chosing Squirtle as your Starter!

Gym Badge 1

Get this badge for Defeating Leader Lorona!

Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness

Legend Master

... How did you get a legendary... Now others will envy you

Flying Badge

Haha! The flying gym leader was beaten by you!

Bug Badge

Dang! You must of crushed them bugs!

Rock Badge

Wowza! You smashed them rocks witha hammer!

Water Badge

Cool! A little water won't stop you!
Fire Badge

Awesome! You're on fire!
Ice Badge

Man! You're cold as ice!

Resident Evil

Over 5000

Kill a total of 5000 zombies.


Buy every weapon in the game.


Heal a total of 250 teammates.
Cure a total of 150 teammates.

Boom Headshot

Get a total of 1000 headshots.

Blood Money

Amass a total of $50,000.


Kill a total of 500 humans, while playing as a zombie.

On Duty

Play a total of 50 full matches.

The Professional

Get at least 250 kills with pistols, in a single match.

Eagle Eye

Get 75 headshots with sniper rifles, in a single match.

Hot Dog

Burn to death a total of 100 dogs.


Dismember a total of 1000 arms and legs off zombies.


While in a vehicle, run over and kill, a total of 3000 zombies.

Assault Specialist I

Get a total of 1000 kills using assault rifle weapons.

Assault Specialist II

Get a total of 1750 kills using assault rifle weapons.

Assault Specialist III

Get a total of 2500 kills using assault rifle weapons.

Sniper Specialist I

Get a total of 750 kills using sniper rifle weapons.

Sniper Specialist II

Get a total of 1250 kills using sniper rifle weapons.

Sniper Specialist III

Get a total of 1750 kills using sniper rifle weapons.

CQC Specialist I

Get a total of 250 melee kills.

CQC Specialist II

Get a total of 500 melee kills.

CQC Specialist III

Get a total of 1000 melee kills.

Explosives Specialist I

Get a total of 1000 kills using explosive weapons.

Explosives Specialist II

Get a total of 1500 kills using explosive weapons.

Explosives Specialist III

Get a total of 2000 kills using explosive weapons.


Burn to death a total of 500 zombies.

Just Making Sure

Blow off a total of 100 dead zombie heads.


Kill 30 zombies within 10 seconds.

Can't Bite This

Play a full match over 5 minutes, as a survivor, without losing health.