I hate recent computer magazines (they don't really concentrate on people that wish to tinker with a PC) and was wondering what people would like in a computer magazine?

George Gough
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Not exactly what I meant...

George Gough
I really like Linux Format ( They have in-depth tutorials on how to tinker with your machine, meaningful hardware and software tests, programming and scripting tutorials that bring you far beyond just using software others have already written, reviews of up-and-coming projects which are more or less under the radar, and candid interviews with developers that cut through the marketing-speak. They include all the software that they discuss in the magazine, in an included DVD-ROM. Source code included, of course! :-)

The only drawback is that it's a bit pricey, especially for us Americans. The yearly subscription makes it cheaper, but still not cheap enough for me - so I only buy one in every 8 editions or so.
I think magazines that can cut the crap and focus on the technical side of things, instead of demanding that every article in every issue be written as if to a complete computer novice, are the gems. The only magazine that I know of that is good to this extent is a quarterly mag called 2600.

I made a blog post on this not too long ago, because I have the same frustration with magazines. I love magazines and would dearly love for something to emerge that I'd subscribe to.

My solution was to propose a new format: POD magazines, with totally syndicated content. The Web already seems to be moving in a syndicated direction; we just need this concept extended to magazine layouts.

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