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The sheep are taught to fear the wolf, but are eaten by the farmer.


Nov 28 2020, 10:14 pm
F0lak wrote:
Customer service is shit. 0/10

Sir, this is a police station.
Nov 28 2020, 10:01 pm
Customer service is shit. 0/10
The peoples republic of china
Apr 8 2018, 1:41 am
go on discord
Apr 2 2018, 1:28 pm
make a patreon so i can pay you for being cool
Dec 29 2017, 3:35 pm
no one uses these anymore

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Kozuma3's Games
As One They Swarm
A wave-based shooter in the works.
About As One They Swarm
A fantasty RPG.
Re: About Elora
Kozuma3's Libraries
Pixel Movement
Allows for the use of pixel movement.
Re: About Pixel Movement
Raycasting 3D Maze
My raycaster thing o-o
Re: Raycaster 2.0
kFilter Text
Adds a function that allows you to clean and sanitize text.
About kFilter Text
A simple but powerful way to handle a HUD system.
Just getting a black screen
A custom html/css popup via browse()
About kInput
kTopic Links
The ability to easily create clickable html/text links in-game to call functions.
About kTopic Links
kUpdate Loops
The ability to call a function over a period of time continuously.
About kUpdate Loops