Creepy Japanese kids like in the Ring and the Grudge...
umm nothing makes my skin crawl Im pretty sick in the head i kill small animals such as dogs cats and anything i can get my hands on rlly but i have a true story about a dog i killed that mad me feel kinda bad i did it

I tie this pit bull to a tree after i druged it with benadrill and he passed out me and a friend took him out to the woods and tied him to a tree and waited for him to wake up.After a few mins of him barking and us throwing rocks at him we took a sharp sick we had let burn in a fire we made and we pulled the dogs eyes out the scream was great it was something i never heard a dog do gave me goose bumbs after we had are fun we poured honey all over the dog and cut him down right on a any bed RED FIRE ANTS they suck the ants swarmed the dog and eating him like candy after about 10 min the dog we covered so we pour gas all over him and put fire to him he only ran for 30 sec before he hit the ground dead

Hope this story helps idk
So, you take a lemon, a box cutter, and a spoon...
F0lak wrote:
So, you take a lemon, a box cutter, and a spoon...

and stick the handle of the spoon throw the lemon and cut a gash in your hand with box cutter and insert spoon in gash so lemon juice runs in to wound
No. The whole story is sick and twisted. Let's put it this way: It made Nadrew cringe.
Hrm, a story where someone befriends another, just to stab them where it hurts. Turning a relationship of pure friendship to pure evil, torturing, humiliating, degrading, uhm... hmm... forcing the other to take upon such despicable acts they will snap mentally, and in the end, be killed, not giving the reader any sense of relief or a happy ending?
Oh, also, A Serbian Film scares makes me cringe and feel sick, and I've only read the plot summary on Wikipedia.
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