why is it, when i goto update my game, that something always happens
first, my object overlays decided to not unequip any more
and now the change color isnt working either
about 5 minutes ago, they were both working, and now they just crapped themselves
if neone has any ideas please let me know hot to keep this from happening
My first guess is that you changed the name, icon or state of the overlay if not im not sure what you did but to get rid of the overlays did you try usr.overlays = null or usr.overlays -= usr.overlays i would try the 2nd one first.
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i already have the usr.overlays -= src in my unequip verb
and no i havent changed any names of my items what so ever
these things are just bugging my like anything
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Is your verb mob/verb or obj/verb?
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can you get rid of the overlays by using usr.overlays -= usr.overlays or usr.overlays = null(im not sure how this one would effect you mob)?
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thats what i use when people log off, and that works,
but i dont want to use that for when people just unequip weapons
mainly i couldnt be bothered writing any procs or such, especially since it was working before, and i cant figure out y now
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Well i dont see anything wrong with making 1 proc for equip,unequip,logouts and logins but does it not work with a new char or do the new ones do it to if so i would

usr.overlays -= usr.overlays
for(var/obj/O in usr.contents)
if(O.equipped == 1)
usr.overlays += O well somethin like that
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k, i'll trty that