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RaditzX wrote:
Anyways.. 1/3 or more of Byond users are not old enough to get a credit card. And parents aren't very cooperative with using credit cards on the internet.

Nope, which is why you say your over 18, get a paypal account, develop a game, and get people to donate/subscribe. I was almost about to do that before the upgrade to 3.5 messed my files up.
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Smart Idea.... I'll do it. Now to find a game idea...
Is that illegal, james? o_O
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The majority of BYOND is probably kids, though...

Steal from your parents! Rock on!
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Bolt Dragon wrote:
"Did we forget to mention? The BYOND software suite is absolutely, unconditionally free. Oh, there's a fortune to be made, but first ... the free-lance gaming revolution! Come join the fray as we sweep across the Internet and, of course, ... deep into the ever changing lands BYOND!" Dantom's OWN words!

I don't understand whats the problem Bolt Dragon. Dantom states; "Oh, there's a fortune to be made, but first ... the free-lance gaming revolution!"

It's Damnwell time for Dantom fortune to be made.

Oh... Yes, You had said enough, now please, no more.
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Alot of people are making a big deal about the pay for a year thing, which isnt that much. I can work for 5 hours at my job and be able to buy 4 years worth of subs from Byond.

I think alot of these people are just being really lazy. When I used to go to Games Trading Zone, they eventually went pay too, and alot of people got pissed.

When the time came for them to pay, alot of the bad newbies and trouble makers went with it, and in the end, it made the community a better place to be.

I think in the end, this will do the same thing for Byond, it might drive away a few people, but anyone not wanting to put out $15/year for Dan and Tom isnt wanted around here anyways.

I was thinking that maybe we should have some sort of Hub Entries paying membership thing too.
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Well, some of the bad members aren't going to leave. The only real effect I see it having is making it harder to pagerspam, which would piss the spammers off, which would cause some of the to leave, but as long as they can still log into a game, they can spam. Of course, after a few months of that happening and them getting IPbanned from games, thats when I see the membership truly taking effect.
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I think the pay thing is a good idea. Though I do wish the layout of the new version was better; I did not like the new icon looks either. I installed it and went right back to the old version. Though others may disagree. Even so, fifteen dollars is definatly not that much, and I do plan on getting a membership, but I do hope they change the new version to make it better.
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