i doute any one will host all people that were hosting droped it and host code is poof ?
Whose a hacker
omg it works :D THERE IS SERVER OMG
owner went emo
Plemith wrote:
owner went emo

I lol'd at that. It sucks he did.
They need a 24/7 host I miss playing this game
NeoDestiny is back bitches! look him up: steven_bonnell_ii

-Destiny fan
some tween is lagging the server out. could use some admins if you want to keep people interested
Alright. I'm going to start appointing some new admins.
If/when this game comes back, I'm sure plenty of people will be all OVER it.
Bolos are buggy. They don't want to walk and sometimes run into random invisible walls. But I used to play this game forever ago. I loved it!
Leftley, I hate to be THAT GUY, but, I firmly believe you should someone recreate the game, or remake something very similar to this. In the matches I've played, we worked as a team, most times bolos would carry the most of the ore while smaller creatures would be on guard. I've heard you lost the sources, which is in fact very sad, but I'd be honored to play another game like this. ^.^
Somehow recreate the game.*
I wonder what the possibility would be of getting one of the BYOND admins to decompile all the games' files for someone to continue work on it, perhaps with Leftley's permission? I have the host files and would love to add to this and streamline.
I want host FILES
wopuld love to play this again if you could every have it running
games up yay
who wanna play a round or two when i get home from work.
I'll be hosting on and off for the next couple of weeks.
Still love this game, was one of the first games I played when I joined BYOND in 2008, along with space station 13.
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