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No one can define you, you define yourself.


Nov 18 2020, 12:06 pm
So, are we all still alive and well?
Calus CoRPS
Apr 9 2018, 6:33 pm
Hey Lendgens! How's it going

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Lendgens' Games
Counter Strike : Modern Combat
Game loosely based on Counter Strike series.
About Counter Strike : Modern Combat
The creatures have taken over the entier world until now, now the humans have a last stand. Fight.
About Deserted
Freeze Tag
Come join us in some freeze tag!
About Freeze Tag
Fixed Host Files. (Updated to Title Update 2) 6/24/2010
Re: About Halo BYOND
Harvest Moon Online
A fan-made game. Grow crops, socialize, join a club, and more!
About Harvest Moon Online
Heroes: Rebirth
Will you be saved? Or become the one who's saving?
Re: Job npc : Swordmen/girl
Heroes 3
An old legend awakens.. (Influenced by my 'Heroes' series years later)
About Heroes 3
Basic survival game.
Re: About Asunder
The Entity
Death awaits you.
About The Entity
The old begin wars, but it is the young who fight, die, and win them.
Re: About War
Lendgens' Demos
A RPG Demo.
About LendgensDemo1
Movement Demo
Learn how to do two things, involving movement!
About Movement Demo
Lendgens' Libraries
Admin System V1
A Good Admin system for beginners and intermediate coders. Very clean and useful.
About Admin System V1