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Lion Roar Productions' Games
Full Metal Alchemist: Equivalent & Exchange
FMA: Equivalent & Exchange A new rp game based off tof he Full Metal Alchemist TV brought to you by the LRP head team, Team Hell and also our head RP team.
Gundam Online
Gundam Online a Part RP game Created By Hell Slayer Kon And Lion Roar Productions
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Hollow Wood
A new PvE,PvP side-scrolling game with plenty of classes,pets,packages,and updates
About Hollow Wood
Ketsueki-Uta {Blood Peom}
In the fourth era the planet Etsu was in a great war. The war killed so many it cuased our home to stand still. in the fifth era we moved to our revolving moons as the moon became filthy we now live back home but face a new threat the Rafu empire.