Lord Damian

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The man with the plan

Lord Damian's Games
DBZ Text Onslaught
A Great Roleplaying DBZ Game whats so great you ask , well for one the people and for two YOU control what happens!
About DBZ Text Onslaught
Sutra Highschool Rp
Enter a world where a New game where a players own power allows him to win has been found. Enter the world of Sutra Highschool! This is a Roleplay and no icons are used other than Face Icons.
About Sutra Highschool Rp
World Of Empires
Its Returning! A free form text RP. Welcome to the World of Empires.
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World Of Empires Reborn
Oh yes ITS BACK !!!! World Of Empires Reborn Offers much more than its lower class counterpart
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