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Lugia319's Games
Expansion of a strategic zero-sum game!
Re: About Castle
Re: About Do You Even Lift?
Epic Shinobi
Fight for your village, die for your honor.
Upcoming Plans/Rant
Naruto: Immortal Shadows
Become immortal or join the shadows, believe it.
About Naruto: Immortal Shadows
The Knight
Remember the Knight's Tour?
Re: About The Knight
Lugia319's Demos
Combat Combos
A demo on user defined combos
Re: About Combat Combos
Projectile Utilities
Some projectile functions
About Projectile Utilities
Lugia319's Libraries
Some pixel functions
About Boundaries
Clear Spaces
Pesky spaces in chat? I can fix that!
Re: About Clear Spaces
Crafting Library
Provides an easy way to generate lists of craftable objects (comes with demo).
About Crafting Library
DM doesn't have default matrices, now it does.
About Matrices