There was no interrogation here. Don't put any blame on me - you could've stopped responding at any time, or said you're not interested, or whatever. You're the one who kept going of his own will. You're the one who requested this argument in the first place. The most offensive thing that was brought up here was you murdering your own mother - and I sure do hope it made you feel disgusted, because that's how disgusting the position you're arguing for is.
I'm STILL stuck on the kitten issue. Is it moral or immoral to sacrifice a human being with one life in order to save a cat which has nine?

Or think of it this way. You go to your girlfriends house, and while you're having unprotected sex with her, you hear a cat meow. You stop humping your girlfriend and ask her if she owns a cat, and she says no.

Hey. It's all good in da hood. All opinions are equally valid. I'm not offended in the slightest, nor am I disgusted by my decisions. Unless you can prove that my mother is more useful to me alive than dead (under those circumstances) then I will be able to live quite well with myself.
Well, now *I* feel disgusted for bothering with this for so long. Make room, ET, I'm coming to hump your kitty.
My retrospective:
- None of you had a logical explanation behind sacrificing a life form that has 9 spare lives
- None of you knew who was meow
- There was a lot of dodging my challenges
- You all are clearly inferior
- Allow me to reiterate: none of you knew who was meow

You should all feel very disgusted.

And by the way, I think you'll be glad to hear that Morgan Freeman has cotton candy.
Say what you will, but at the end of the day I'm still the one violating your kitty.

Also Meow is obviously Master Chief.
Well, it seems to me like you've either had a large disagreement with your mother, or you had a bad mother. How would a mother be useful alive? -(If your 18+ because under 18 is a no brainer.)
1. Grandparents to your children. (They could help watch the kids when you need to do something.)

2. It's nice to know someone is there for you.

3. A person to talk to for guidance on a decision or just an extra opinion.

Of course, there's not 30 amazing reasons why parents are "useful" to us after a certain age, but by just knowing their alive and doing ok gives anyone a sense of peace. Besides, these people raised you so you grow close attachments to them. (Like I said before, unless you had family issues.)

Poor Toadfish, comment number 63 and no ground. :( You can't make someone think differently, they must be open to receiving a changed way of thinking, but something else must trigger that openness. We're just not the people.
Even Truseeker has avoided the challenge to determine who was meow.

Screw it. I'm done here. Wallow in your ignorance for the rest of your lives, I don't care. But one day when you have children, they're going to ask you one day: "Daddy, who was meow?" And when you look down at them and realize you don't have an answer, you're going to remember that I gave you a chance. A chance to find out who meow was, but you failed to take advantage of it.
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