Law of the Board by Lugia319
The Knight: Episode II
1 fan · Created Aug 25 2011
Some of you may be familiar with one of my other games, The Knight. Well Law of the Board came out of an idea of PvP action on the board!

The game is played very similarly to The Knight. You take turns moving on a board. When you move from a piece, it is "destroyed." When you land on your opponent, or have blocked off all possible moves that they could take, you win.

TEST ME - The more testing you do of the game, the more complaints of bugs I get, the more I am aware of bugs, the quicker I fix them. Also, the game is fun on its own! Try it!

Latest Update: Fixed a bug with Rook, Bishop, and Queen trackers not spawning properly.

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Interesting and addictive. A few bugs, but the gameplay is nice.
What he said. Player vs. AI would be nice.
I can look into Player vs. AI. I imagine it'd be terribly difficult considering the fact that this game is completely original. I don't know any of the Meta! But I could use a dumb AI that records moves on the board to make a better AI... I'll see what I come up with after this MOND project. I'll be using this Thanksgiving break to debug LotB and to really start work on Castle. Thanks a ton mate.