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Aug 2, 3:31 pm
Sorry, Lugia, just going to hijack your shoutbox for a minute because I know a lot of people sometimes click over to your profile since you're public enemy #1 right now and I'm too banned to post shit. :(

BYOND users, the only reason meta BYOND discussion devolves into chaos is because YOU talk about how it devolves into chaos. You seriously can't just see a thread about the current state of BYOND without saying, "this should be removed because it usually derails and turns into a flamewar". What the hell do you think your comment is doing? You're derailing his discussion into a discussion about his discussion. You've turned it from a thread about BYOND's policies to a thread about you and him going over the history of BYOND's "trolls".

BYOND is afraid of change. It's a cult now, and we all have to blindly follow it
Jun 28, 4:59 am
Holy smokes!
Jun 27, 5:25 am
Woah, just noticed that last comment was a year ago today o-o
Jun 27 2014, 9:05 pm
Posting my comment :D

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