Creator's World by Luke5050
Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.
95 fans · Created Nov 25 2011
Oof! I am just about done putting all the building objects in. It takes a lot of thinking of what building I need to fill up the your building...And I hope what I put is enough! That said, CW should be back up with its new update 2.2. It's a lot, and I mean a lot more efficient. Though, it will be in alpha testing for bugs. But, I don't think there will be too many bugs. :)

The only icon game that has updates!


Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.

Professionalism is important to me. I do like having a good-looking interface, and good-looking graphics in games that also have clean coded features in them. That's what I am doing to CW v2.2 BETA, which will be the most cleaned source code that I've ever coded in with more security in its verbs for anti-abuse.