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Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.
95 fans · Created Nov 25 2011
Back in progress! It's what we always wanted! A super security system that makes it easy to remove people.

Unlike many games, their ban systems/mute systems require all 3 ban IDs. Key, Computer, and IP. But, it's hard to find who is who. Normally, they have all of them under each other in a list, but if you remove one of the id from the ban list, it could be the key...Yikes! Now you have no idea who is who!!!

Now for hosters/main server staff members, all you have to do is look at the message board after you clicked on unmute, click "One Mute" which is a independent player(and if you want to unmute one person), and then copy and paste their key and computer ID into the input. Though, it's very sensitive with typos, so if you type a mistake, it won't work. If you have a random space it won't work! For future reference, check for spaces/typos.

The only icon game that has updates!


Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.

Professionalism is important to me. I do like having a good-looking interface, and good-looking graphics in games that also have clean coded features in them. That's what I am doing to CW v2.2 BETA, which will be the most cleaned source code that I've ever coded in with more security in its verbs for anti-abuse.