Creator's World by Luke5050
Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.
95 fans · Created Nov 25 2011
Back in progress! Sorry, I had some problems with Windows, so I switched to Ubuntu and currently working with BYOND through wine which is not bad at all. Everything is still in the same progress. The building objects and such. To speed development, I will not be coding in the new object edit system that I wanted to do, and using other basic ways to release a stable release of Creator's World, faster. Though, eventually those features will be here soon. It's so that CW can come back on its feet.

The only icon game that has updates!


Most frequent, updated, builder/icon game out there.

Professionalism is important to me. I do like having a good-looking interface, and good-looking graphics in games that also have clean coded features in them. That's what I am doing to CW v2.2 BETA, which will be the most cleaned source code that I've ever coded in with more security in its verbs for anti-abuse.