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1:41 pm
Good to know you intend to uphold those strict quality guidelines, that have made BYOND the biggest success in the gaming industry, waitwhat
Lummox JR
12:38 pm
We don't police rips or actively police entries; all we do is comply with the legal obligation to handle valid DMCA requests, and hold authors to act in good faith in what they post. Anyone who posts content they think may draw a complaint does so at their own risk. If you have games you want to publish, I would recommend making sure they're original in terms of content, and then you should be free and clear. I truly hope you do have an original game in the works, because you've created some incredibly popular games in the past and it would be nice to see your design skills put to good work again.
11:04 am
Hey Mr. "I'm in charge of BYOND now", is your new policy to allow DBZ branded zeta rips back on the hub? Hoping to carry this place, along with the other two re-skinned zeta rips & that currently make up majority of the player base around here? If so, give me 10 minutes, I have a few hub submissions to make, after adding a pay2win button.
May 23, 8:47 pm
Congratulations on being a new Owner of Byond...

All Hail Lummox JR.
Sep 10 2014, 4:53 pm
Any plans on re-uploading Incursion for playability?

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Lummox JR's Games
A board game of world conquest
Re: About Incursion
A tiny little RPG
Re: About Runt
Scream of the Stickster Volume II: The Crayon Massacre
Even sketchier mayhem! More weapons, more ways to play, more ways to gruesomely perish!
Lummox JR's Demos
Utility: Create a set of autojoiner icons from source icons you supply.
Re: About IconCutter
Runt Source
The source code to a tiny little RPG
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Second HUD
See how to use BYOND's multiple HUD feature
Sound Playground
Find the right soundscape for your game
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Stickster Source
Source code for Scream of the Stickster (BYONDscape 4K Challenge 2002)
About Stickster Source
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Are You Sure?
Confirmation dialogs made easy
About Are You Sure?
An advanced text-on-map library
About DmiFonts
An advanced text-on-map library for BYOND 4.0
Re: About DmiFontsPlus
Create friendly HTML file selection popups
About EasyFiles
Create custom-colored icons and cache them to reuse as needed.
Re: Dynamic icon coloring
A library for manipulating icons and colors
Re: About IconProcs
Easy locking mechanism for doors, containers, and rooms
About JRlock
A regular expression library for DM
About Regex
An extensible smiley library
About SmileyPlus
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
Syntax Highlighter
Highlight DM code in easy HTML output for chat or CGI applications
Re: About Syntax Highlighter
JRUtils - Numbers
Helpful procs for using numbers in text
Re: JRUtils - Numbers
A configurable name generator based on Werd
About sWerd