The Demos & Libraries forum works in a very similar way to our Gaming forums. This is a place where the latest updates regarding your demos and libraries will appear, taken from their forums.

Unlike our Gaming forums, we don't have separate categories for listed vs. fangame vs. in development. If you have made your hub entry visible, it has two options: listed, or rejected.

If you're creating a demo or library, first you must be a BYOND Member to create the hub entry. Once it's ready to be listed, you can make it visible.

We do want to keep some relatively good standards in this section for what is accepted, so anything not meeting that criteria will be rejected outright. You can always use the feedback thread on your hub entry's forums to talk to the admin(s) responsible for rejecting it, if you want to make changes and have them take another look later.

If you're writing a library, first and foremost it should not be designed so that users need to alter its code to make it work the way they want. If you're doing that, it should be a demo. A library is meant to plug into existing code without needing changes. It should be well-documented and contain good code practices.

For demos, we also require good code practices. Abuse of usr, the : operator, and goto should be firmly avoided. Using comments well is always helpful, though putting pointless comments on just about every line is not. Make sure you put in a tab before any // comments, for readability. A demo is useless to its audience if it isn't readable, after all.