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Lummox JR
Jun 27, 12:24 pm
I'm discussing this situation with Kozuma and Nadrew privately now, so we can take it from there.
Jun 27, 10:00 am
While I agree Lummy has mostly terrible mods, you didn't deserve a warning because again, you were being a total royal asshat and immediately attacking everyone blindly. You don't just get a warning for attacking people.

I've seen logs of everything that happened and you're very much the angry factor in all this. Take a break from the internet and chill for a day or two until you're in a clear headspace again. <3
Jun 27, 12:15 am
Kozuma3 wrote:
How the fuck is a year long forum ban warranted over a single mistake that I wasn't even warned about.

Dude you were being a complete and total dickhead earlier, my guy. You totally deserve it. I genuinely doubt it'll be enforced the whole time if you apologize but still.
Jun 26, 7:47 pm
BackseatModerator wrote:
I was paid to agree with the staff abusing their powers.

Jun 26, 7:46 pm
I was paid to agree with the staff abusing their powers.

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