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Monday, 6:38 pm
Hey Lummox, I have an odd question. If I were to make a wrapper for BYOND so that it could run on *nix systems(including Linux), would you okay with that? I'd even send it to you after. + I would probably have to send it to you so you can set ads back up and continue making revenue off of *nix distros.

I do already have the means to do so, by the way.
Oct 3, 5:39 pm
I want to offer to buy byond. Im serious on this. Please private message me the price you want for it.
Jul 21, 7:15 pm
hello Lummox Jr do u mind helping me with a problem im
Aug 10 2015, 8:37 am
Thank you for the solution of the problem, Lummox JR !
May 30 2015, 9:25 am
@ RayCast()
This engine is currently lacking in more important pixel movement related support, unless its been added in 500+. Simple things like being able to calculate and move at angles, even a simple redesign to the controls, so you can use more than one movement button at a time by default, etc. This is all stuff I've already had to build into Box Zombies to get a simple top-down 2D shooter working.
EDIT: That's also a nearly 5 year old post being bumped, such speedy progress made around here =P

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