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Lyndonarmitage1's Games
Clone College
My First Building Game well not entirely...
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Lyndon's Procedural Galaxy
My testing and experiments in procedural generation
About Lyndon's Procedural Galaxy
Lyndon's first space game
About SpaceGame
Procedurally Generated Stargate Game
A game based on the Stargate franchise.
Lyndon's Time Machine
Lyndon's work in progress game.
About Lyndon's Time Machine
Space Station 13 Modifications
Modified version of ss13 with more game modes and fun stuff.
Lyndonarmitage1's Demos
Ben 10 Demo
A demo of a system for the watch in Ben 10
Re: About Ben 10 Demo
A teleport system for use in loads of things
About MagicianTeleporter
Stargate rep game demo
A demo of an Stargate game i may try to make...
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Lyndonarmitage1's Libraries
Magic System
A spoken word magic system
About Magic System
My Basic Ship system that only overrides one Proc!
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