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Who asked you? :P
In response to HavenMaster (#19)
I'm sorry, you lost me... What?

Why is anyone interested in what I read? And what posts? Kujila's? Hasn't everyone made as many useless posts, if not more than him?

*dies from a severe case of confusion*

Not to bad, but it seems like it has been longer. It was right after I got my computer, well, my old computer.
Don't think anyone cares, but:

LostRealm (hubbin/forum key): 11/8/01
Lord Raven (playin key): 4/17/01
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It's okay, all becomes clear in death. >:-)

Never new I was here before so many people O.O *feels old*
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Key Goz
Forged 8/8/04
Description Byond Rocks!
My first byond key was made 09/13/02 so I've been here for 2 years now. (ssjpiki, i used to like dbz back then)

My current key was made sometime at the beginning of this year. If you really care you can go ahead and check :)
I've been on since 9/16/02. Wow, I've been programming on BYOND since I was 12-and-a-half!

EXACTLY 12-and-a-half.
Mine is old as.... dust. But you can drool at my ancient key "Viper". I can't get my password due to the fact I don't use Prodigy internet services anymore.. :(
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Notice he said he joined byond on the earlier date? He didn't state his current key was forged on that date. Watch it before you get smug.
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Tiko wrote:
Key Goz
Forged 8/8/04
Description Byond Rocks!

Sorry this threads alittle old but i wanted to burninate Tiko =P The key i was talking about.

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Heh, that's funny. Mine is from 10/10/99, which is also my girlfrind's birthday (October 10, not 1999)!

I still remember the early days of DUNG. Man, I was so excited when I found DUNG.... Glad the name changed, though ;-)
My first key is listed as 7/2/99, and this key is 6/18/01.

I've been around for a while.
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Old key, 7/13/01.. Im older then you Lime :o
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