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A game made by coolboy man, being hosted by me!
An ORPG where you can: fight in a coliseum, farm, mine, fuse runes, be in a guild war, protect your village from a ...
by TheChaos_weeds | Apr 10 2012
by Dalze | Nov 18 2003
The host files for FailedFate Online.Only certain people can host!
by Inuyashaisbest | Aug 16 2019
Tags: action, adventure, rpg
Fight. Explore. Survive.
by Kija | Apr 10 2017

MageOfBlackChaos' Favorite Resources

by Fastflyer | Feb 24 2010
Tags: savefiles
An Easy To Use Savefile Editor
by Metamorphman | Dec 18 2011
Text and savefile editing utility with a tabbed GUI

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