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Hi. My names Cait. Im 16 years old. my b day = nov. 9th.. I raise rabbits.... i have lots of fish.. 3 cats.. i love animals! ^_^. My game is Hamtaro II. I made it from scratch. I really like to code! It;s fun.. challenging but fun.. My best freind in th

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Hamtaro II
Updated 6-29-05. Roleplaying and chatting mostly. Theres fighting and stuff. HAVE FUN!! Anime, Hamtaro, Hamutaro, Ham Tori
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UIF: The Ultimate Icon Fantasy!
Ultimate Icon Fantasy Its an icon game with more verbs and features not in other icon games. Theres no trapping at all, and theres GMs here all the time to make sure no spamming occurs. Have Fun!