Game, Open :) Big update soon!
Gaame is coming back soon guys, Watch for it to be live!
can anyone tell me if reflex give more hp when leveling like str?
no. It does not.
And YAY It's coming back!
Yep, We started production again yesterday. Progress is steaming forward.
Woho! Can't wait to play again :) my favorite Naruto game on Byond is going live again! And better than before hopefully. Thanks guys!
About time,My bro is AbdelJN
Tell him his favorite GFXer said Hi! ;)
when the game is going up?
LordDeity wrote:
when the game is going up?

As soon as we finished the update we're putting in.
_> <_< got bad news guys the games never coming up they quit working on it
not really im just messing with u
2-3 weeks.
this is really a failure game :D
...... yes YES gais get on it,

and ace, i think im ready to apply for iconner, i have perfected my icons :D

PS: nagatao2 gtfo u troll XD-
when is the game going to be on
never adrian never this game is never coming up
Looks like me and Cool were booted off the GM list, oh wells, lets just have the game game...

You guys aren't 'booted', the list is so long if I add you 2, but you guys are in. trust me.
um ace are you sure youre gonna add sooo many admins, cuz its better to have a decent amount of them, like last time, or else .....
:l COUGH* abusing GM COUGH*
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