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Maxigt's Games
Chat Game
A game mainly chatting and a bit of fun in here aswell... Yay!
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Dragon Ball Unkown Ledgends
A DBZ/GT game, with tons of features, and a weird game master... (Thats me) Sometimes I give out free GM!
About Dragon Ball Unkown Ledgends
Get A Life
I fun simulation of life, with some unusual things...
About Get A Life
A quik paint game. Come here if you wanna paint or somting.
About Painting
Maxigt's Demos
Turf Pack 1
My pack of turfs No. 1
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Maxigt's Libraries
Battle system for cait
This battle system is for cait mainly...
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Rent-A-Unit Demo
Want to be able to buy units in-game? Try this!
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