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The creator of SJP, check it out sometime.

Metroid's Games
Dragon Warrior Rebirth
This Dragon Warrior game uses the Super Nintendo turfs, it has the monsters from the Playstation, and the Nintendo charcters making it merged with all of the systems the Dragon Warrior games were on!
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Galaxy Empires
A Galactic War/Strategy Space Game for Byond!
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Slime Journey
Ever wanted to be the slime? Now you are. [Main server has FINAL VERSION! Read inside for more details]
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Slime Journey II: The Retriever's Guild
Welcome to the World of Slime Journey II. In a whole new world, with all new enviroments, make friends, get houses, even get your own party with a Summon. Anything is possible in this installment of the SJ Saga.
Metroid's Demos
Must Have Slime Icons
A bunch of slime icons for people who just love Slimes!
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The Turfs of Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 on the Super Nintendo!
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