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Dec 4 2010, 8:34 am
new css again(not done yet).!
Nov 1 2010, 12:48 pm
Mf2 wrote:
Taha123 wrote:
Mf2 wrote:

I need your help.


coding, add me on msn
Nov 1 2010, 12:46 pm
Taha123 wrote:
Mf2 wrote:

I need your help.

Nov 1 2010, 12:46 pm
Mf2 wrote:

I need your help.
Nov 1 2010, 12:38 pm

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Mf2's Favorite Games

by AuraUzuki | Oct 9 2009
A Air gear game that was made by Sasuke3232
A game that follows the life and story of ninjas.
by VcentG | Feb 18 2005
Tags: anime
A bleach MORPG based on the popular anime and manga, mixed with RPG elements and alignment conflicts. Overall aim for ...
Project no longer worked on(Obviously)
by Daimond | Apr 24 2010
Alpha Testing
This is a very exciting and fair game. Alot of ranks are open so come and customize your character and rank up play and ...
by Sasukeuchiha5494 | Jul 5 2009
this is a fun game we are always looking for more staff so if u wnat staff apply at forums
by Kama43 | Sep 26 2010
Bleach - Odyssey
A new bleach game in development.
People say "Destiny" is something chosen before your birth...will you accept or fight your "Untold Destiny"?
by Sphinxe1 | Oct 7 2009
New Horror Survival/Adventure Game, come check it out. If you like Resident'll definitely like this.
by Forerunnerz | Apr 26 2009
Game going up in 2 weeks currently working on the engine 1-3 hrs a day, still recruiting people to join the staff, and @ ...
Possibly the first game based of the anime/manga hit of Fairy Tail on BYOND.
by Kama43 | Jun 25 2010
Beta is on its way
by Dixon | Apr 16 2004
Tags: fangame
Colonel vs Harpuia!? Bass vs Sigma!? Who will win?
by 318812401 | Sep 15 2009
Some Tailed-Beasts had escape and wandering everyway. Can you stop them before they destroy your hometown? Do you have ...
by SolarOblivion | Jul 17 2008
Tags: anime
The one, the only, the original, Naruto Eternity! With detailed icons, revolutionary systems, and anime-realistic ...
by Crazah | Aug 5 2010
Tags: anime
A new upcoming original Naruto game.
by Ravenx465 | Feb 19 2009
A new and unique Naruto game with many features many games on BYOND cannot offer.
by DarkMoonProductions | Feb 8 2009
Tags: anime
[PvP & RP Servers] Explore this expansive recreation of the Ninja World. Endless timeline, immense environment with vast ...
by Masterdan | Apr 5 2007
Tags: anime
No Rank Benefits, Just fun balanced and original Gameplay.
by Berlin2222 | Jan 7 2008
Tags: anime
The original NNG, bringing you fresh content and exciting PvP action!
by Asakuraboy | Sep 5 2008
Tags: anime
A long standing Byond game, continually updated, that progresses alongside the series. Challenge the world of Ninjas, ...
by Soccerdog | Sep 13 2008
One of the most exciting Naruto games on BYOND, 100% PvP, No log level training, logs only train stats, fight the ...
by Grand J | Feb 27 2010
Tags: anime
Naruto: Rogue, one of the most innovative and stylish naruto game on byond! Execute handseal combinations to perform ...
This game is curently in testing but the staff are hoping it will become a great game.
A new naruto game to byond....
by Suzakou | Nov 14 2009
A high quality game with astonishing graphics, revolutionary systems , and techniques that Byond haven't seen before. ...
by Abrax | Aug 18 2009
Tags: anime
Different from everything you have ever seen.
A fast paced game, with a great staff. Come join!
A RPG/PVP based game. Come live the real life of a shinobi, with a realistic lifestyle in the game itself..
Temporary banner; Better one will be up soon.
by Kidpaddle45 | Apr 29 2010
Tags: fangame
The ultimate Pokemon experience on BYOND.
by PerfectGoku | Aug 3 2009
by Zete | Sep 12 2009
Tags: fangame
An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
REo2 Rip But with alot more to Offer
by Zane5494 | Nov 27 2010
Rokkenjima, Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one Horrifying island full of mysteries.
by Enoxial | Jul 31 2010
The Most Epic Server Solution
by Tronial | Jul 28 2009
IT'S BACK! Sorry i was grounded, delayed another 2 weeks.
by Akushumi | Dec 1 2010
A new .Hack game currently reaching for an open beta.
by Zane5494 | Aug 5 2010
Where the "True Shinobi Chronicles" begin and end, with tremendous game-play and graphic quality.
Witches exist.

Mf2's Favorite Resources

by Jeff8500 | Feb 26 2009
Tags: chat, interface
Add inputs that pop up and focus themselves upon hitting a key!
by Raistlin19 | Nov 27 2003
Fetures: Inbox ; Writing mail ; reading mail ; emptying mail. Wadda you expect for a cheap E Mail System!?
by Kakashi24142 | Nov 6 2007
Tags: interface
Want nice looking input boxes? Well this is the library for you! It allows more flexibility than the built-in input() ...
Use this to save the map in your building game. it's cheap and easy (Only 1 dime!!!)
by Jeff8500 | Sep 14 2008
Tags: interface
Like the alert() proc, but better looking.