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Winning wrote:
Avainer 1 got me banned on my key -.-

Winning wrote:
Any possibility of me being unbanned?

You broke rule #1 of the Saloon, don't talk about the Saloon.
Just kidding. Generally speaking, it's in poor taste to give out your password to anyone else, and BYOND is no exception. It's something none of the administration advocates, and we feel as though your punishment as adequate, given the situation. It would be wise not to give out your password in the future, nor to share accounts, for whatever reason you may have.

In response to Mikau (#79)
I know, but some people that are in the chat have their names normal but they don't react at all, so meh.
Yea I learned my lessson but its been a while now and Im still not unbanned..
Lol and I got rebanned for finally logging on and saying "FINALLY I HATH BE UNBANNED" smh abusive bitches.
It's funny how their response to almost everything is, "It's not our fault, it's yours."
Why do people try to troll this game's forums for personal reasons? I mean fine... okay... you been banned for being complete idiots... your fault... not Mikau's.

Superfetch@: its funny that you mention that... because I remember reading something Mikau said before... "I tried hosting a different server to see if it was my dedicated one". He basically tried to find the reason for a "few" players having trouble connecting. He TRIED to find out "if" the problem was on his side instead of others.
hrm, where is everyone?
They went back to Chatters.
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