Whybe, Go fuck yourself.
"Icon Ultima staff" LOL go fuck yourself
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Liens wrote:
GrlTest wrote:
Looks like all the gms here are all losers that can only pick on little kids and haven't got the chance and never will get the chance to get laid in their entire fucking life which is pretty pathetic I would say. They care more about whether people has grammar on a single fucking reply more than their grammar in their actual fucking life. I hope you all will eventually get a girl that is not your mom, which is most likely never and get a fucking life. Good days,

-Icon Ultima Staff

Yet you're the one lurking on BYOND forums ready to pounce on unsuspecting threads, just to point out that nerds exist?

Good god. You've just proven yourself to be as big of a nerd AND that you're dumb as shit!

All in a days work for your every-day idiot, amirite? Go get a job at McDonalds you average fuck, then spend your nights trolling forums.

LOL. The funny thing is that Icon Ultima doesn't even count as a game IMO so saying she is staff doesn't really give her ANY authority at all not too mention she is basicly saying that the whole Icon Ultima staff are supporting her in everything she says here. If GrlTest is a girl then she really doesn't help the female stereotypes on the internet by bashing us, males, for being nerds and not having lifes. Females can't really complain about sexism when she clearly just insulted us in an incredibly offensive and sexist manner showing that sexism goes both ways, even on the internet where the female player base is minuscule. She states that the only girl we know is our mothers and nobody likes people insulting their mothers because it shows immaturity. The other funny thing is that she is defending probably the stupidest person on the internet.. and I mean seriously. I have read almost all of his posts and they are completely unintelligible. Oh, and also.. she says that the GMs judge people by their grammar on a single reply (not quoting the swear words here) and not by their grammar in real life. This guy probably can't even speak in real life either because he constantly has white foam coming out of his mouth or because he is just so stupid that.. you know, I don't even know any more. My advice is not to look at his posts too much because he is contagious and his idiocy rubs off on you. (I haven't actually looked at when this thread was made so LOL if it is like a year ago.)

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I fucking love you.
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Whybe wrote:
Stfu everyone you should unban me and Mr.awesome3 hes the best host ever if you see the space station 13 comments you will see that he is a good host/admin everyone likes awesome as the best admin in space station 13 maybe if you give him a chance he will be the best host/admin in cow rp too.

I think Whybe is his brother. If you look at Mr.Awesome 3's byond page, all of the posts involve him being banned on Space Station 13.
hello im wolfkid i was banned from cow rp the other day and it's killing me idk what i did other then the fact that i was ignorant to some of the traditions witch i apoligized eminsly for if you could just find it in youre hearts to unban me my god that would be amazing. =)
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Warlord Fred wrote:


That'ssss a very nice forumssss you have there. Ssssss. It would be a sssssshame is sssssssomething were to happen to it, ssssssssssssssssss.
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