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My dad reads em, so I figured I would give it a shot, I just didn't enjoy it. I'm not saying its a bad book, just that it doesn't suite my tastes.
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Dragon of Ice wrote:
Crispy approves!

of Harry Potter

He does indeed! =) Heh, I didn't think of using that banner.
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Lord of the rings isnt hard to read really, well it wasnt for me anyway. Its an older style of writing, but once you get into it you dont even notice.
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Lil'T wrote:
Because you can see the graphics and special effects and it's so cool.

Yea, I guess that goes to show that TV has numbed society's imagination.

Books will always be better than movies put out based upon them. Why? Because a movie can never get the same feel to it a book does. Example: In LotR: Fellowship of the Ring -- in the Mines of Moria Scene with the troll, I'll grant that they did a good job with it, but I've always had a different impression of what trolls should look like, so that took away some of my good time experiance of watching the movie. That and it just wasn't as in depth as the book.

As for people who think novels like LotR is long? read book 5 of Harry Potter, its only 100-200 pages shy of all 3 LotR books ;)

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Ive read a couple 1000+ page books(whithout being forced mind you). A long book just lets you enjoy it longer.
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In response to Jotdaniel (#24)
If you like long books, ever hear of Tom Clancy?

It only took me 3 weeks to read 'Rainbow Six'. I recommend it.
Now I'm on page 67 of the 'Bear and the Dragon'.
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Ive read "Rainbow Six" and "The Bear and the Dragon." I dont recommend the latter unless you can stand reading 50 pages of Chinese board meetings at a time.

EDIT: Oops, I didn't see that last sentance. Its a good book, but those damned board meetings get mighty boring.
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Guess so :P
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I finished B. 5 of Harry Potter in less than a week, and I feel that HP is easier to read than LotR, but, I enjoy HP more too, so that might have something to do with it...
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I think the Harry Potter books are great. Then again I dont read anything else, I am a kind of person that likes to be active 24-7 but this book actually caught my eye from the first until the latest. And now that I am on the harry potter craze I will most likely have them all read a few times over before I ever decide to read anything else.
I would have never caught onto this book series either if it wasn't for detentions at school. And I find reading to be a punishment, I dont know why but I'm pretty sure I can blame it on my past english teachers.

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And that meant what exactly?
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