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Like a Boss


Feb 25, 7:08 pm
Hey, it's been a while. How're you doing lol
Jan 6, 3:34 pm
Good luck.
Jan 6, 9:40 am
Yes! I will combat all toadlings, so Empirez cannot grow his army further.
Jan 5, 8:16 pm
Due to how wild you are, you get a combat bonus.
Jun 13 2014, 9:32 am
Yes, I know. Why, might I ask, do you say so now?

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NNAAAAHH's Favorite Games

by All Star BANG | Nov 6 2008
come on and have fun
by All Star BANG | Jan 11 2008
Tags: anime, fangame, pvp
Fast training, New style. Fun.
Class DBZ Game with a few specialties. Realistic Leveling, evenly balanced Races.
This game is one of the few nonriped dbz game on byond.
by Archfiend Master | Oct 4 2006
Tags: rpg
Elemental Warfare is a pvp type game where you try to master the Elements. There are a lot of great and new ideas in ...
by Falacy | May 16 2010
Tags: icons
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
by All Star BANG | Sep 24 2009
All Star Newest Version of DA. Come play some LD.
by Shadowprobe | Jun 28 2009
Naruto Shinobi Revision returns to byond! We will be pdating from a daily to weekly basis and will have more and more ...
by Zete | Apr 21 2011
by Magicsofa | Oct 21 2013
A Tragedy of Science
Welcome to Saint Seiya! Be reborn in the 16th Era to either fight alongside or against Athena. The fate of planet Earth ...
by Kang 123q | Apr 10 2007
New Naruto game that beats all the other Naruto games, Bleach, One Piece, Avatar and other anime games. Join the game ...
by Seanleonartes | Oct 5 2008
The world in its first version come on in and expierence a world of visions.

NNAAAAHH's Favorite Resources

by AbyssDragon | Feb 22 2002
81 different mob tiles, all free
by AbyssDragon | Feb 22 2002
Over 100 obj and turf tiles, all free
by Forum_account | May 11 2012
Helpful procs for creating autojoining turfs and objects.
by Jemai1 | Nov 23 2012
Tags: chat, screen-text
An on-screen chat box that is easy to add into your game.
by Zaltron | Apr 2 2010
Tags: effects
Particle Effects
by DarkCampainger | Apr 18 2011
Tags: effects, icons
Flatten an atom's overlays and underlays into one icon file for output
by Toxxy55 | Jun 12 2003
Lots of detailed item icons at your disposal. Massive weapons, numerous potions, and food! Not to mention all the other ...
by Shadowdarke | Jun 26 2002
Tags: html
Disable/modify HTML tags or specific attributes of an HTML tag, or even create your own custom tags!
by Shadowdarke | Apr 2 2004
Tags: interface
A powerful and flexible alternative to the built in alert() proc.
by AbyssDragon | Feb 22 2002
48 free, original icons to represent spells, skills, and attacks
Generate advanced soft-edge static lighting. Now using an EXE!