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loading Turfs.dme gold: undefined var gold: undefined var undefined var

Mob code, where var 'gold' is declared.

gold = 0

icon = 'Icons.dmi'
icon_state = "Player"

Object code, where the code for the obj gold is.

obj //gold
icon = 'Icons.dmi'
icon_state = "Gold"
//When double clicked usr picks up gold.
DblClick() ++
usr << gold
src = (usr.loc)
usr << "You recieved some gold!"

Problem description: I can't figure out what I am doing wrong...I am new, so it is probably a noob mistake. Thanks for the help!

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In the object code, you are outputting gold without a usr. tag. The other two errors are in your mob code. Double click those errors like it says and post the pertinent code.

You also shouldn't do Two reasons: one is that you haven't defined what gold is. When you don't put usr or src in front of it, it assumes there is an src there and calls it as such. Unless your obj has a gold variable, you'll get an error. The second is that that is not del's syntax. Use a space or parenthesis. (Oh, and I'm assuming you are trying to delete this bag of gold once it's been picked up. So do this.)
del src

I'm honestly not sure if one should be used over the other, but I personally use del src.

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