when is update??
Wow, anyways guys let me know when next update comes ----i cant believe im still in standings after all this time
How do you change icons?
This is really cool but the pokeball screen is broken so I can't catch any pokemon.
Esse jogo e muito lagado?
Is it unavailable right now because its being updated?
...why do i have a bad feeling about this?
Please don't let it be what I think's gonna happen....
Hope more citys are being added
Oh come on DA, if there is a wipe, it won't be THAT bad, though, I came on BYOND just for that, but I'll be on DME until it's up again. Feel free to add me to your pager, DA.
u know u gotta think positive right?
What happens to the game? D:
I don't why the game stoped. Someone know??
i dont know very well what happens when its off but its our update our donation time ended
i think then until someone donates it will not be active(Maybe)
awww i loved this game alot:(, i hope it will be up soon
I star to play 3 days ago, but now teh game is off
guys you can still play the game, even if it's offline on the byond hub right now.

link: byond://
uh oh...last time this happened...well you guys know...aww crap...i hope it is not what I think it is gunna be.
Please someone fix this T_T
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