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by AngelofSilence | Apr 13 2017
Tags: action, ninja, pvp
Beta Release date: TBA
You loved the anime, now its time to live it. Create a character and choose your path. Will you be a Homicide Killer or ...
by Ravenx465 | Feb 18 2009
A new and unique Naruto game with many features many games on BYOND cannot offer.
by Winning | Apr 20 2013
Tags: anime
Start your Ninja Journey!
by Chidori309 | Apr 5 2009
Play and have fun.
by Element88 | Feb 23 2007
Tags: anime, ninja
Welcome to Naruto Ninja Faith. We're back.
by Gato547 | Jun 12 2008
Naruto Game All Kage Spot Open