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I do agree with everything you say, actually. I'm all for getting the Western world to treat sex as just another aspect of human life.

However, just as much as I dislike public swearing, I dislike public display (for which media qualifies). Swearing is fine when among friends when all of the friends agree to swear. I swear in real life when in the company of people who don't mind my swearing (of course, I don't swear unless I really want to put strong emphasis on something that's made me very angry or hurt). But, as I've brought up a long time ago, I really don't like seeing people kissing and/or flirting on the street. It just seems to me that flaunting it cheapens it, and makes it seem even worse than it really is, taking it from a spiritual level and changing it into something akin to reading the Sunday funnies.

There's nothing wrong with nudity, I agree, but only so far as it's done in the private company of someone you love (or want to love). I think likewise about sex.
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Im a casual Buffy watcher, if its on and there is nothing better I'll watch it, and I just gained a lot more respect for the show (Particuly the writers) from that post.
For some reason it always came off as a slightly more indepth/mature Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Fight, grow a little as a character, Win.
It also had a feeling of being nothing more then an excuse to perv on Buffy, and I tend to avoid those sorts of shows (I feel bad for the actors)
Im actually tempted to watch the whole series now. Its up to just after Spike got the Chip put in his head, should I start watching or wait until they start again? (Im too cheap to go out and buy the episodes on DVD :P)
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Spuzzum wrote:
I really don't like seeing people kissing and/or flirting on the street.

People kissing and/or flirting on the street isnt a bad thing, if its not porno style. When its two people who obviously care about each other, it can be quite good.
Personally I hate seeing two people kissing or flirting in public, but thats just one of my issues.
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You know why so many people destroy their lives with sex? Because society builds it up to be so huge. It's just another thing that two (or more) people can do. Yes, it can change your life. So can reading a book. Yes, it can wreck your life. So can crossing the street. Yes, it can enrich your life. So can a conversation. Yes, it can bring you closer to the one you love. So can a heartfelt conversation. Yes, under the right circumstances, it can create a new life... and nothing else can really do that, outside of complicated lab techniques.

This reminds me of that quote, I believe the philosopher's name was Osho and it goes something like this.
"Knowledge is not information, it is transformation" and I fully agree with it.

Isn't Dragonball Z a soap opera in a way?
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As a matter of fact, I've been buying the original manga translates from borders for: $12.99 and they WERE produced in the mid 80's, the mangas actually say this in the back.
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Yeah, I guess you could say that...
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