I have updated my scripting library (for the first time in almost a year!) with a fix to a fairly major bug involving recursion I found a long time ago and was reminded of recently by Toadfish. There are still some features I'd like to add and some parts could probably be designed or written better, but I'm not aware of any other bugs. So with this update it should be plenty ready to use in your project - check it out if you haven't already!

For those of you that haven't heard of n_Scripting before, it supports two languages (both of which can be added to) out of the box and can be extended to support others. See the hub for examples and the original announcement for more information. Also, documentation is included.

Maybe this means I should start working on Automata again... If only it were possible to get syntax highlighting working in BYOND...
I didn't think you'd see my post so quickly! Good to know it's fixed. :)
Hmm, did you remember to update the demo? I gave it a short run again, and got the recursion error, this time with a recursive factorial function:

def factorial(n) {
if (n <= 1) {return 1;}
else {return n * factorial(n-1);}

Edit: the 'count' function still gives an error, as well
Edit 2: ah-ha! silly pager didn't update it properly. I'll redownload and give it a try.
Edit 344: Yeah, demo wasn't updated.
No, I haven't touched the demo on the hub since before the library was released. I actually meant to remove it since it's nearly as easy to download the library and run the demo that comes with it.
Yes, just found that out. Testing it with the library works perfectly.
It's a very cool library. I'll try to use it. Seems hard to do it. :P
Try looking at the documentation and finding the 'Examples' page. You're right, though, it definitely could be made easier to use.