hey nielz how do i make my own server
Geo dog wrote:
hey nielz how do i make my own server

You don't.
Hey If there's anyway possible I can get to play the game again then please tell because it is clearly impossible for me to contact a mod or admin so ill contact you the creator I would like to be-able to play your game to help make it popular in a future LP which we will start tomorrow. If you could please urbane my ip as soon as possible that would be most appreciative. I apologize for my "Trolling" or annoyance to a mod called Naru if there is anyway I can make it up to him/she when I'm unbaked please tell!

Also if you Are Naru I am sorry I am having a bad day like crazy today and I guess you got caught in my flaming or anger so please if you will see in your eyes how sorry I am then that would be great.

Greatest apologies ~Sauron

Also as a bonus I WILL NOT attack or presume any conflicts in the world chat and will keep it to my self and my party too show that I will not be involved!
I love your game. xD
i need help about all class
Lolaheart wrote:
i need help about all class

There is a home-made video tutorial about all basic classes made by an FFL player: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsu2XH78948
Hi Kaji
hey Nielz are you going to make a sequal to FFL if so plz make it of ff5 because i know that it would be epic byond all reason and also could you add a new starting class like Moonlit Knight (Cecil Harvey in Disidia) so that you can freely change between DK and Paladin but with slightly lower stats in their most dominant ones?
Tina you fat lard come get your dinner!
Jesus loves you bro!
What happened to FFL? I don't see it anymore.
Mappel6 wrote:
What happened to FFL? I don't see it anymore.

FFL had to go underground because of a copyright claim by Square-Enix.
Click the link below and join the 'FFL Chattie' server. The welcome message has a joining link for the game.
And now? It's really dead? I really love FFL, I play with lot of friends, we make a LP (Let's Play) for this game and one day completely erased. What can we do? We love FFL.. T__T
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