I guess putting someone in there place for thinking they know every damn thing is trolling rite? amirite?
Technically. Thats why its called troll baiting :3
I dont find Unzuigiri trolling. I find that UNZUIGIRI fag trolled. My trolling has worked, because I am trying to make Oasis feel insecure, he feels that. He actually needs to see the light. OH ET BURNZ LIEK A BISH.
Female dogs don't burn. They're wet. Silly Ava.

Still, I say the video is nice and original.
Bravo1 wrote:
Ah. Sorry, I was confused. In any case, I', trying to replicate it myself and... so far so good. The only issue I'm having is that when the objects move offscreen they end up stretching out the map instead of dissapearing. Grr!

I ran into the same problem with my Cast8k 3D demonstration. Solution: I found that simply having objects appear on the map, instead of having screen objects, is actually faster. This way, if your screen size is 10x10, make sure the map is at least 12x12, and you'll have room to play with.
I don't need to troll :X you bury yourself deeper every time you post. Try harder.
There seems to be a really funky problem with unrealistic scaling of objects with distance.

You should be using angular width and resolution to determine the size of an object. I think that inverse distance squared also works, but I don't think it's as good of a solution.

Too bad this isn't feasible in a multiplayer environment on BYOND unless you do it like Gakumerasara. :(
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