Truseeker wrote:
Everland by Asha Lapoe, new RPG.

Byond in 3D? (surprise?) How was it done?

Hazordhu 2 using pixel movement Good move for a MMO? (*MO)

Spirit Age by Chris Gayle had a test and according to the comments, it used pixel movement and didn't seem to be a good move. (Did anyone play it?)

Everland: +1 Recommended x1000.
Oasis: .........
Hazordhu: We want to watch an RP now?
Spirit Age: I believe it's too early of a stage?
Graphics Guild: They are better than Guild GFX, but if we disregard one for another, the underdog gets no practice.
EDIT #2 >.>
Teka: I doubt it.
I threw out the Oasis topic for the humor. I think your right, Spirit Age is to early in development, but I was just throwing topics.
Thanks to everyone who supplied some topics! (:
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