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Medical Device Verification Engineer. I rarely visit BYOND nowadays, but feel free to send me a message if you'd like.

Medals Oasiscircle can earn in his favorite games

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Plunder Gnome

Messing With Moles

Plunder 5 Radishes from Seth and Ethan, without getting stunned. (30 Gnome Points)


Complete 5 deliveries of 5 radishes in a doubles or triples match. (40 Gnome Points)

Garden Gnome

Complete 4 deliveries of 5 radishes in a doubles or triples match, without plundering. (25 Gnome Points)

Friend of George

Awarded to Subscribers (medal awarded after playing one round). Subscriptions help purchase music for new G.Gnome games, and food for Iain. (75 Gnome Points)

Cave Drifter

Entered The Cave

Play Cave Drifter for the first time


Complete 10 stages


Complete 20 stages


Complete every stage


Die a total of 25 times


Die a total of 50 times

Bad Luck

Die a total of 100 times

Part Of History

Place within the top 10 on the Scoreboard


Complete all stages with a positive time