I've tried to upload my game a multitude of times. It uploads fine, and even downloads the file in which to play it. However, when it comes to opening the file, Byond is not locating my Key's folder. This seems to be a user-specific bug. I cannot find any other explanation for it. I'm hoping someone else here has experienced it and knows how to resolve it.
One, Wrong forum, Try again. Two try putting the game into you're byond folder, then searching it manually.
We're going to need more information. For example: your OS, your Windows user account's privilege level, where your BYOND user directory is stored, where BYOND is installed, the hub of the game(s) that aren't working, and any error messages you may be getting. Also, any events that seemed to correlate with this behavior arising.
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My OS is Windows 7 64-bit. I have full account privileges. My BYOND folders with Hub information and everything are located at:


This is only being effected by my Game Uploads. When I uploaded the game, it wasn't posted. The person who reviewed my game said "It seemed a lil wierd". It was downloading, but when it went to *connecting* it could not locate the folder to connect to. If you clicked on Host instead of Play, it found it perfectly. However, simply hitting Play did nothing.

I haven't seen any events that correlate or error messages. I am just uploading the ZIP file created in Dream Maker for a copy of my game to host or play, and BYOND is failing to locate it.