What if Byond had some kind of service set up where if you payed 5$, you could have code read over and allowed to be put into your CSS page. In example, you would send in an HTML section of code you wanted, and could use some sort of @import url that was verified by Byond. I'm sure there would be an easier way, but you get my point.

I feel that a lot of member would do this, and it could provide to be a valuable service. If you feel that it would be a work overhaul at such a cheap price, upgrade it to the cost of 10$ and I'm sure you won't see as many people wanting to do this.

I'm not sure if something like this is feasible, so those with more knowledge/opinionated stances, please discuss.
You should add this suggestion to the suggestions feature tracker thing. That way people can discus it but one of the main developers of BYOND can review it and say it if it doable or not.
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Really? I would rather have it be more flushed-out and precise, plus get more attention, before going to that measure. You can't deny the enormous amount of un-marked requests that go there, not to mention the 'this isn't feasible' tag.
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I'm pretty sure the "this isn't feasible" tag would be the answer to the question in your topic.
If you want it to have attention as a feature to be added, gather some votes for it :P
I think having small charges like this would only serve to confuse potential users and make BYOND look like a shady business.