Alright, the only skin control I am using is the Map. Nothing else. All I desire to do is to have all icons stretch themselves to fill the screen, no matter the resolution. Can anyone tell me step-by-step how I would go about this process?Only playing with the view seems to work, and even then, that isn't what I want to do. I'd like everyone to have the same map view. Thanks.


Doesn't it stretch by default? Or possibly I don't quite understand what you mean
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In your interface you have an option when changing the settings for a map, "Stretch icons to fit map", that'll stretch them to max size while keep aspect ratio. If you're talking about black bars specifically horizontally, or vertically, it's because the view ratio doesn't match your resolution ratio, you can widen or heighten your view with world/view = "20x26", and you can figure out what ratio you need for your resolution. But be weary, not everyone has the same resolution, some people may have widescreens if you don't, or vice versa, so for them, even with stretch, they'll get black bars either vertically or horizontally.

Edit: To match resolutions, you'd need something that could find that, I believe using javascript can work, from there just figure out the view size
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WHYY can't it just stretch the icons like any other videogame /=