Can someone give me an example of compressing, say, a verb or whatever that goes out to five different tabs of code? I really want to compress all of my Byond code into one single line. My cartridge classic entry is a little too big, and I need to compress it. Thank-you!
What you mean by "compressing" your code?
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Ocean King wrote:
What you mean by "compressing" your code?

Removing white-space and using #define to shorthand basically any proc you call multiple times.
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Linkin' me to a dead link bro...what is this? XD Jk, but it really is dead.
Save yourself the trouble and write a script to do this. First convert tabs to { } structure. Then tokenize the code, find the var and proc names that take the biggest character count (and can be replaced w/ a macro), and replace them if it's cost-effective.
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Maybe I could...if I knew what to do =(

I don't know how this works in general...

I BEG OF SOMEONE TO WRITE ONE! Lol...hmm, I should search around. 5 entries to the 8kb contest...someone has to have written one.
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You can still manually open the code downloaded into the BYOND directory.