I've just been trying to get good at pixel art, I didn't make these icons for any specific reason. I feel like the water could look much better if I knew how to pick a proper pallet, and found some way to thin out the corners without ruining the entire piece.

I like it.
Not very good, you can see with your eyes where tiles connect, not very much loopability here :) I also dont like high contrast, it will make water to be in the 1st plan on screen, distracting the players and tiring their eyes :) Imho it shoulb be a lil more delicate :)
i like using 3 blues and a lightbrownish/orange color to make water,the lightbrownish/orange is to make it seem like the sun light is reflecting off the water(example i made for someone,took couple mins)

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exactly what i was talking about :)
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Thx ;D
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Thanks for helping. In the future, instead of telling me what I did wrong, can you suggest methods in which to fix what is wrong?
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ok, for your water try using 3-4 colors,and also dont make theripple lines so thick,as for the ball its round so shading wouldnt be straight up and down/left and right.You gotta curve ur shading since its round,how u shaded it now it looks flat
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Thank-you. That mock-up is awesome. And thanks mademan.
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Is this any better? looks pretty bad compared to mademen ;(

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Attempt #3:

I definitely feel I've improved since the first one I made. However, I still feel that I suck at picking palettes. Ah, I guess that'll come with time.
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^^^^^the tile with red square is using my colors from previous tile i showed u

You depend on color too much,color palette has a small part with a good water turf.if you were to toss a pebble in the water what would you see?ripples,right?they are circular,when making a water turf keep that in mind,try not making so many jagged edges,try making more circular shapes within the water,it should be most brightest at intersection areas,that shows that that area has risen more than the rest like a small wave clashing on to another ___/\____ ur seeing the tip,or when 2 ripples meet.

your pallet try making the blues closer to each other in color don't make the main blue to dark and lighter blues to light

but from wen you first posted you have improved,Keep it up :D

Hope this helps
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Thanks. I'll have a go at that again.